The Tweet That Netted Two Pounds

Well Done  – Leicestershire Museums and Libraries

I’m a great fan of the work that Leicestershire Museums and Libraries (2 different services I think) are doing with social media.

For those who haven’t seen it yet, there was an announcement on Friday from a government bod that he was going to tear down various public sector websites because of the cost.

Leicestershire Libraries and Museums (notice I changed the order there – just in case :)) have also started to work twitter pretty well.  Today I followed the tweet above out of curiosity and it was exactly the subject I have a real interest in.

There was a nominal admission charge of £2 – so that tweet clearly worked.

Please don’t read this as a flippant comment – it does show that there are real opportunities for public sector bodies to make systematic, regular use of social media.


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I run an established ICT services company ( in the East Midlands (UK), the majority of our customers are primary schools. The new methods of learning and collaboration are offering so many exciting developments!

3 Responses to The Tweet That Netted Two Pounds

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  2. adelebeeby says:

    thanks so much for this post!

    My name is Adele and I run the Social Media for Leicestershire Museums, my team mate Rosie has recently taken over managing Libraries Social Media from me (to give them more of the attention they deserve!). Although we’re representing two separate services, we’re very closely linked and tend to attract similar audiences with some similar interests.

    In these uncertain times in local government, it’s so nice to receive positive feedback and our team and the services really appreciate it! Assuming the dreaded local government cuts don’t come our way, we can continue to shout about all the good things in Leicestershire!

    Adele 🙂

    • mikemcsharry says:

      Hi Adele,
      The way the two services has linked is really quite impressive. I am a Leicestershire ratepayer and am very pleased to see some great examples of value for money and joined up thinking.
      I’m guessing that the total financial outlay for the two services for twitter and wordpress is pretty close to zero. The effect of it is far from zero. As you’re probably aware social media has now overtaken google, and many more people (myself included) are beginning to see real benefits from using twitter effectively.

      Those two pounds are going to add up. In fact, you had an even better result – I was a bit late, so didn’t even get a cup of tea!
      Mike 🙂

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