WordPress and Free Software Session

Part 2 – The Free Software Bit

I intended to run through some of the free software and ideas I’d picked up at the Microsoft Boot Camp and from one of the delegates from the Google Teacher Academy. It didn’t quite work out that way.

During the Microsoft Boot Camp, we were reminded of some of the free stuff available when you become a member of the Partners in Learning Network. I’ve subscribed to it now for over a year and in my experience have received very few follow on emails (maybe one a month)


We looked at this during our session, and I’ve covered it in some detail in a previous blog post – Initially here with add on notes here and here

Microsoft WorldWide Telescope in PSHE

For star and space fans out there – this is a wonderful utility.
There’s also a great utility in it  for a PSHE starter, or even something for the pupils as they smartly file in – washed, scrubbed,orderly and enthusiastic.

Load up WorldWide Telescope (from here), select guide tours->other and select Earth@Night  – then just leave it to roll! Here’s a snippet.


This little utility is one of the most useful tools I have. I’ve covered it in detail on this blog previously – here’s the latest post. (One of the folks at the session reckon this tool could have saved them hours).

Google Utilities

We really wanted to work through Google Wonder Wheel and the add on features for Google maps – but we came across challenges with both. I’ll blame me here, but I still couldn’t make it work. Does anyone know the answer? I’m using Internet Explorer 8 on Windows XP.

The second thing I wanted to talk about is the range of add ons when you use ‘My maps’ on a Google Map Search. I’ve added extrasfrom ‘My Maps’ before – but now the wide range of add-ons seems to have gone completely!

Here’s the screen grab to show I’ve used them before – but where are they now?


We had some success with the Google Time Line – here’s an example.

In Google search for BP – like so


Then look on the left hand side of the screen – and click more search tools


Select timeline


Then by specifiying dates in 2010 only – we can see the effect of the Gulf oil spill on BPs presence on the internet


If you’re interested in this type of news trending, have a look at this post – which shows how newsmap shows news trends


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I run an established ICT services company (www.systemed.co.uk) in the East Midlands (UK), the majority of our customers are primary schools. The new methods of learning and collaboration are offering so many exciting developments!

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