Easy ways to cause trouble

Who would have thought it?

number balloons breaking pole

Here’s a fascinating problem I saw in a school today.

The current teacher is constantly re-calibrating their whiteboard.

Here’s why. These number balloons were attached between the pole for the projector and a wall.

Unfortunately, this is an old school building and the projector pole is coming down from a 20 foot high ceiling. When I took the balloons down I was very surprised at the weight of the rope and balloons.

‘Give me a lever long enough and I’ll move the world’ – the levering effect of the balloons on such a long strut has been to BEND the pole! This is a serious piece of steel tube!

Do you have any similar stories of ‘good ideas’ that caused horrendous problems?


About mikemcsharry
I run an established ICT services company (www.systemed.co.uk) in the East Midlands (UK), the majority of our customers are primary schools. The new methods of learning and collaboration are offering so many exciting developments!

3 Responses to Easy ways to cause trouble

  1. John McLear says:

    Haha, o dear! I have forwarded this to the PT installs manager, he will chuckle 😉 Cheers Mike

  2. mikemcsharry says:

    At the teachmeet in Stoke a few days ago Bev Evans prepapred a fantastic video showing some of the great ways to use Audacity for class projects.

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