Printer Ink Rip Off

Is it really such a new problem?

We are IT resellers, and we’re often ‘pig in the middle’ as far as printer ink is concerned. Customers ask us for advice on network printers – after all, we have to make them work on their systems.

The really difficult bit is inks (or equivalent).

About 5 years ago, that part of the IT industry changed – they stopped making profitable printers and started making profitable (for them) ink. I thought this was a new phenomenon (glad the spell checker caught that one!).

In the Kodak Gallery at the Bradford Media Museum you can see where they got the idea.

  free films 1

free films 2

The next day I saw a sign which showed that a lot of these ‘new ideas’ to part us from our money are not so new after all.


The next time a leasing company offers peppercorn rental – here’s how they do it in York!


About mikemcsharry
I run an established ICT services company ( in the East Midlands (UK), the majority of our customers are primary schools. The new methods of learning and collaboration are offering so many exciting developments!

One Response to Printer Ink Rip Off

  1. Mike Brown says:

    Not just printers… I worked for a leading Biotech company for a while… we would “loan” out our DNA sequencers to large institutions on condition that they bought consumables / re-agents from us exclusively. Ka-ching!

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