St. Mary’s Church

This 800-year-old church stands in the centre of the town of Lutterworth, on the site of a Saxon place of Christian worship.

This church is home to some incredible history. John Wycliffe was the rector between 1374 and 1384, and it is believed that it was during this time that he was most involved with the first complete translation of the Bible into English. This original Bible is no longer around – it would now be over 600 years old! – but a “Modern” version, presented to the Church in 1876, is on show as a memorial to John Wycliffe.

There are many other artefacts around the church related to John Wycliffe. These include:


The Wycliffe Memorial – a monument depicting Wycliffe preaching to villagers despite the objection of church seniors, above an inscription about his life.

Wycliffe’s Pulpit – the furnishing most likely to have been used by John Wycliffe himself. Although nobody can be sure of its age, it is clear that some parts of this pulpit are much older than others.

The font – this font is definitely ancient, but nobody can be sure of whether or not it was standing during Wycliffe’s time at the church.

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