Interested in Primary Education, ICT, Running, Leicestershire or all of the above?

Hopefully you’ll find something useful here.


Here’s a quick overview of the latest blog posts, then below that there are some tips.

Safe images – a few quick tips on how to use the National Education Gallery

Is your disk full? – some great utilities to quickly see why disk space is vanishing rapidly


Navigating this blog

if you can find stuff, then these resources will be much more helpful.

The site is divided into pages (like this one) and the Blog Posts – which you can find under “Posts” on the menu at the top.

You can also find the new Blog stuff by clicking here

It’s easy to find stuff – there are two search links to search through this site –


One in the top menu display




And one in the right hand of the page



Pages – are accessed from the menu bar below the theme picture


Sometimes you’ll find pages inside other pages like this –


Blog Posts

There’s a lot of information in the blog posts, and to make life easier for you the blog posts are in categories, which are in the drop down list –

image image

In addition –

All the ‘blog posts’ have also had ‘tags’ added to them – this should searching a little easier!




To find which blog posts have been tagged, simply click on the word you’re interested in.

Links to other sites are always shown on the right hand side of the screen. The links are in 2 main groups – my own links and educational blogs. The content in some of the educational blogs on these links is phenomenal, and certainly worth a look 🙂

Links look like this – if you hover your mouse over them you’ll see what they are about.

link menu

link hover


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