Using Autocollage to Make a WordPress Heading

Make the header bar stand out


Many of the themes in WordPress allow you to add your own image bar to give the site a feel to better suit you.

Autocollage is a great tool for making those image bars. I cover how to get Autocollage free if you’re a teacher here (and there are some instructions there at the same time).

The task is easiest broken down into 3 steps – get the pictures, make the collage then make the heading bar.

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Autocollage – more notes

In addition to the help notes I made a few months ago, Stuart Ball at Microsoft has produced some additional, very useful, information.

My notes are here and Stuart’s are here

Autocollage Help Notes

Using Microsoft Labs Autocollage

Autocollage is a low-cost utility and it can save you money

Here’s an interesting benefit from a ‘Playing for Success Centre’ –
Not only do children, parents and teachers love it .. it’s saved us several hundred pounds worth of toner this term alone!

For a free copy, simply join the UK Partners in Learning Network – this is a network facilitated by Microsoft and showcases ground breaking ideas, tips and some very useul forums. Hopefully these  notes will help you to achieve some great results with this package .. Read more of this post