Apple Hack – how news breaks (or doesn’t)

How long is too long?

Let’s watch a breaking story unfold.
Let’s also see a real example of Newsmap – can it help with media studies?

Chris Brogan‘s excellent book ‘Trust Agents’ starts with the stories of Joe Pistone and Alan Conway. Joe was an undercover agent who infiltrated the mob, Alan Conway had a wild time impersonating Stanley Kubrick. Chris explains how these folks would have such a hard time in these days of instant information and social networking. Maybe a lesson here for Apple?

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Teacher Search in BBC

Why is it so hard to find stuff?

The BBC has a huge site full of good stuff, but sometimes finding your way around it can be a challenge.

I ran a teacher session in a primary school last night and showed them a link in my resources page. The link was so useful that it’s now in the links at the top of my front page (and will stay there).

BBC for Teachers

This is what it looks like – will this help in your school?  Will it save time?

Hands on History

For anyone – young or not so – with an interest in the the tightly defined subject ‘A History of the World’ – Harborough Museum could be well worth a trip on Saturday 20th March.

Visitors to Harborough Museum will be invited to take up the tools of a Celtic coin minter on Saturday 20 March 2010 and make their own treasures to take home.

Neil Burridge, a craftsman specialising in Iron Age technologies will be taking part in the special event as part of the BBC and British Museum’s ‘A History of the World’ project. Neil will be helping visitors to make coins almost identical to some of those found at Hallaton, near Market Harborough, using the same methods that our ancestors employed 2,000 years ago.

For more details see the entry on the Leicestershire Museum Blog

BBC Project Canvas .. take 2

In an earlier blog I introduced Project Canvas.

In a technical document out from BECTA last week, they explain ..

If the plans for Canvas come to fruition, schools will be able to display streamed video and internet content on ordinary televisions, so long as an internet connection is available nearby. Educational providers should also be able to supply content via the internet using the Canvas platform.

watch this space

Life on one of the world’s most remote islands

A wonderful article on the BBC News website today – about life on St Helena. Where?

The British government has postponed plans to build an airport on the tiny South Atlantic island of St Helena. So what is it like living on one of the most remote settlements on the planet?

Life in the slow lane?

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BBC Project Canvas

At some point the many media streams we use will integrate fully. The early stages of this may be seen shortly with Project Canvas.

The BBC Trust, the corporation’s governing body, has given a provisional go-ahead for a project which could kick-start demand for internet TV.

Project Canvas is a partnership between the BBC, ITV, BT, Five, Channel 4 and TalkTalk to develop a so-called Internet Protocol Television standard.

It would see a range of set-top boxes available to access on-demand TV services such as iPlayer and ITVplayer.

For the full article see Project Canvas

Animation – the OTHER view

One or two people out there may be nearly as old as me, and some of you may remember Tony Hart. Some of you may also be running animation classes. This insightful interview could be really helpful (it could be a great way to start one or two imaginative writing projects :))

Morph Speaks

To help the (slightly) younger folks understand Morph – Morph Resources

(As this links to YouTube – you’ll need to log in to your EMBC account before you can use this in class – but it’s worth it).