NAACE 2010 Weds. Evening

Where to begin? 

We’re over half way through the conference and there have been some powerful, thought provoking, inspiring ideas and staggering presentations. 

In no particular order .. 

Only 8% of jobs available within the UK will be available to people with no IT skills. (Do you think these jobs will be at the top or bottom of the pay spectrum?)
Over half of IT workers work in sectors not called IT (So, industry and commerce is also embedding IT

NAACE pilots Certified ICT Professional Qualification – now looking for 40 victims initial candidates 

Martha Lane Fox (co-founder of
10 million UK residents not on internet – of these 4 million are in the most disadvantaged sectors. These 4 million take up 80% of contacts with government organisations. If each of these people could make just 1 contact per month online, the savings to UK PLC could be £900 million per annum. 

21st century students with teachers trained in the 20th century being stuck with 19th century assessment! 

Look Familiar?

What e-skills research has highlighted is that ICT teaching is at least 50% more important to the sustainable well being of the country than they first thought! 

Teachmeet was stunning ..
Want to see a year 1 blog?
Interested in visualisers?
joined up writing 

The Future 

“Let’s prepare our pupils for the future” – whose job is it to think of what the future will look like? Try beyondcurrenthorizons 

It’s now cheaper to keep data than sort it and delete it – what does this really mean? In the future how much will we be recorded and manipulated?


Do you want Microsoft Surface capabilities for less than £800 – if so let me know!

Scratch – this amazing freebie has got to be in every school soon! Staggering workshop by Miles Berry.


I need to know, but …

You know the feeling ..

You know that trapped feeling .. you don’t have the time to see developments and plans, because you’re busy currently implementing developments and plans ..  

For the past 3 years I’ve attended the NAACE strategic conference. These meetings have been invaluable in helping us to understand the developments and plans 🙂  

This year’s NAACE conference promises to be phenomenal, and is being held in March. To help teachers and school staff, I’ll be running a limited number of free briefing sessions with schools between March 22nd and 25th – while it’s all still fresh.  

If you’d like details of these sessions, please fill in this form  

To give you an idea of the subjects covered in the last few meetings, here are some of the headings from previous meetings.. the boring stuff follows the wordle ..

Words from previous NAACE meetings

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