I need to know, but …

You know the feeling ..

You know that trapped feeling .. you don’t have the time to see developments and plans, because you’re busy currently implementing developments and plans ..  

For the past 3 years I’ve attended the NAACE strategic conference. These meetings have been invaluable in helping us to understand the developments and plans 🙂  

This year’s NAACE conference promises to be phenomenal, and is being held in March. To help teachers and school staff, I’ll be running a limited number of free briefing sessions with schools between March 22nd and 25th – while it’s all still fresh.  

If you’d like details of these sessions, please fill in this form  

To give you an idea of the subjects covered in the last few meetings, here are some of the headings from previous meetings.. the boring stuff follows the wordle ..

Words from previous NAACE meetings

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21st Century Teachers


BECTA have recently launched an interactive website and a ‘hard copy’ pdf showing how a ’21st Century Teacher’ explores and exploits technology for the benefit of learners, families, schools, colleagues and themself. (Grammar check – themselves? It is singular, teacher. Please help!).

21st century teachers use ICT to:

• deliver greater flexibility and choice of lessons and teaching techniques
• communicate information and concepts clearly with high quality lessons and resources
• make learning exciting and engaging for all learners
• provide adaptive solutions for learners with special needs
• create a learning environment where learners feel safe and secure
• extend learning and work in partnership with parents, families and the community

The document is 21st_century_teacher