Internet Safety Update

The DCSF Web Site still exists?

The May Ofcom Media Bulletin has some very useful references and information.

A useful link in the bulletin is a report commissioned by the DCSF (remember them?) on Internet Safety.

A few items in the report worth noting include

Children spend more time online than their parents think

a quarter of 8–11 year olds regularly use social networking sites
Around one in ten 7–16 year olds use their mobile phone to access the internet



DCSF Language Press Release

A news release today (makes a change from Saturday mornings) adds more information to the recent ‘Every Child a Reader ..’ press release.

New 3rs guarantee and support for pupils falling behind

04 January 2010

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Click Clever – Click Safe

This information taken from DCSF press release and web site on Tuesday 8th December at 12:50

The Downloads are here :-

The Digital Code and UKCCIS Strategy Report

The UK Council for Child Internet Safety brings together over 140 organisations and individuals to help children and young people stay safe on the internet. It was launched by the Prime Minister on 29 September 2008 and is made up of companies, government departments and agencies (including the devolved governments in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland), law enforcement, charities, parenting groups, academic experts and others.

This strategy sets out what the UK Council for Child Internet Safety have done so far to keep children safe online; their commitments to parents, children and young people and the things they are planning to do to make them happen; and how you will know whether they are succeeding in making children and young people safer.

This strategy focuses on the next year, and this work starts with the launch of the Digital Code, which will be the basis of a public awareness campaign. Making children safer on the internet needs a long term partnership so the UK Council for Child Internet Safety will regularly measure progress over the next year and at the Second Child Internet Safety Summit in a year’s time they will look at this strategy to see how far they have come and what needs to be done in future years.

DCSF Press Release

This all appears to be positive – I can’t understand why it was released at 3am on a Saturday morning. In the best tradition of GCSE English papers .. discuss.
£900 million pound primary announcement

Here it is (nearly in full)
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