US Report on Internet Safety

“The best software is between the ears”

Many thanks to Ruth Hammond at BECTA for highlighting the release of the The Online Safety And Technology Working Group from the US of A

This is a mammoth report and covers a much wider range than many of the other reports I’ve seen. A few summary bullets are worth noting, and are in this MUCH shorter pdf


New Resource From SafetyNet / Orange

News from Orange:

Orange UK has just launched a new film aimed at parents called “Not knowing’s not enough”.  You can view this on our safety website at:

Orange e-safety film  (see the film link on the right hand side of the page)

Like our other films, Safety Online & Incoming Message, this is designed to generate debate and discussion around the fears and concerns parents have about their children and their online behaviour. The film depicts children returning home from school, dropping their school bags and going straight to their rooms to go online. The resulting discussions from their parents are seemingly linked by a common concern about what their children may be up to. There are some positive messages about the internet as well as the negative so that the film has some balance. The call to action is for parents to download a copy of the Parents Guide (What Parents Need to Know) which as you know was re-launched in the summer.

Over the coming months we will also be developing some teaching resources to accompany this film so that teachers can use it in schools at parents evenings or events. So far the feedback from schools and parents alike has been very positive.