Microsoft, Wordpress and Videos

Never the twain

Do you have the video upgrade option from WordPress.

I use it on this blog – the reason? By hosting the videos with the site itself, then any user can see all of my content. To simply link to video feed channels may be problematic, as these video feeds are often blocked inside schools.

So things were working just fine until we started using Community Clips to capture screens and make instructional videos. Community Clips is an excellent free resource from Microsoft, but – I added this video on July 13th


So ‘about a couple of minutes’ has become ‘about a couple of months’.

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Another amazing free art package

This one’s aimed more at the younger kids, for its ease of use and creative paintbrushes – although that doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy playing with it too!

It’s called Tux Paint, and was created to work with Linux, but is compatible with Windows and Mac too. There are some templates with the package – this chicken is one of them. I coloured it in and added the grass, flowers and rain – I think a four year old could do this in about ten minutes.

To find out more, and to download it free, visit

At last – summat for nowt

Free for local teachers – visits to Bosworth and Snibston for you and your families .. full details here –