Free Maps?

Geography and ICT – just made for each other

In addition to BING having the OS links, the OS themselves have a direct website to their maps.

On Line Maps has a lower overall resolution than the best level in BING, but the cleaner interface may make teaching and learning easier. The page has ‘Crown Copyright’ stamped quite nicely in the bottom corner, so maybe I shouldn’t copy an example 😦

If you have a map on disply, scroll down the page to see –

Ordnance Survey map tools for pupilsFollow the link for education takes you to Mapzone

Mapzone - now you're talking

Mapzone may well be a post all on it’s own – it looks such fun (and it’s educational).

Easy Peasy Map Reading – follow that link and scroll down the page for class sets of this brilliant leaflet – here’s a snippet from it.

Ordnance Survey map tools for pupils

Which is best – Google Maps or BING?

Or sit on the fence and use both? 

Here’s the scenario –  You’ve persuaded your daughter that yes – she can run a half marathon, and yes she can run the Rainbows Hospice Equinox* run in 7 weeks from now. You’ve even gone out for a 10.5 mile local run with her on a Sunday morning. 

So, how do you answer the question ‘How does that run compare with the actual run?’ That should be quite easy until you see the route notes supplied include descriptions like the following 

We’ll turn left out of the farm drive… up the dirt track and over Gravel Hill… might spot a trig point… turn left down a narrow lane… 

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Life on one of the world’s most remote islands

A wonderful article on the BBC News website today – about life on St Helena. Where?

The British government has postponed plans to build an airport on the tiny South Atlantic island of St Helena. So what is it like living on one of the most remote settlements on the planet?

Life in the slow lane?

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