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Yesterday Michael Gove asked Ofsted to ditch the much loved SEF (Self Evaluation Form). The full article and statement with the relevant letter is here

I discussed this in a staff meeting last night with one of the Leicestershire primary schools we work with. After the delighted head left the room, one of the teachers raised an interesting point. She almost copied this sentence from the article We believe that teachers – not bureaucrats and politicians – should run schools without seeing it.

‘And you know what that means don’t you? It means that we’ll see big drops in money coming into schools. The heads will then have to reduce staff  and the politicians will be able to say it’s all the heads’ fault. Nothing to do with us. The Daily Mail will love it!’

I’ve deliberately tagged this blog post with words which the social media teams in the big house should find. Let’s see if they’re any good at finding stuff and secondly if they have a response to that comment. I suspect the space below will stay quite empty.

What do you think of that teacher’s comments?

And – by the way – has anyone else noticed that the revamped Department for Education website STILL does not have an obvious search feature?

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Big Society – Another View

Your carriage awaits

Where are we really heading?

Proceed with caution


Wearing three hats* I found the latest blog post from ResPublica somewhat intriguing. The full article is here. if you are interested in the way the decision influencers are thinking – I believe the article is worth reading. That doesn’t mean I agree with it.

It’s difficult to argue with the individual comments and ideas in ‘Power to change the future’ by Mark Pack but there seems to be a lack of co-ordination in the article. This seems to be the same lack of co-ordination that says ‘Remove lumps of the Harnessing Technology Grant mid-stream and use the money to fund free schools’.

Dominant suppliers, directors hiding behind commercial confidentiality and the House of Lords gravy train are all considered – along with early years education.

If I was a journalist I may say – ‘If you’re looking for cracks in the Con-LibDem alliance – here they are’. I’m not, so I won’t.

*I run a company based in Leicestershire. We are based in a voluntary sector hub – as part of that agreement I’m a trustee of the charity. In addition to that, the majority of our customers are primary schools in our surrounding area. (Therefore I’m keenly interested in anything that may affect small businesses, the voluntary sector and primary education).

Becta Closure

A very bad day at the office?


Following yesterday’s announcement of the closure of Becta, there have been a huge range of comments flying through forums, user groups, blogs and twitter feeds. 


A development from Becta which many local primary schools had taken on board was the next Generation Learning Charter and the ICT Mark. As news is available on the status of these items it will be summarised and posted here.

In addition, this blog  contains summaries and feeds from Becta’s safeguarding team.