Hands on History

For anyone – young or not so – with an interest in the the tightly defined subject ‘A History of the World’ – Harborough Museum could be well worth a trip on Saturday 20th March.

Visitors to Harborough Museum will be invited to take up the tools of a Celtic coin minter on Saturday 20 March 2010 and make their own treasures to take home.

Neil Burridge, a craftsman specialising in Iron Age technologies will be taking part in the special event as part of the BBC and British Museum’s ‘A History of the World’ project. Neil will be helping visitors to make coins almost identical to some of those found at Hallaton, near Market Harborough, using the same methods that our ancestors employed 2,000 years ago.

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Oldest Roman Coin in Britain – in Hallaton?

A wonderful story today on the Leicestershire Museums Blog

Oldest Roman Coin in Britain?


What is believed to be the oldest Roman coin ever found in Britain makes its museum debut, 2220 years after it was made. The silver denarius coin is now on display at Harborough Museum, Market Harborough alongside other coins that were excavated with it. It is 4 years older than the coin previously thought to be the oldest surviving example.

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