Next Steps for Becta

Dignified Exit? (From Becta today)

The priority for Becta is a well managed closure, which:

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It’s been emotional (via TechnoStories)

It's been emotional There has been much discussion, on Twitter and other sites this week, about the new government’s decision to take action on quangos and close them down. One casualty of this has been Becta and, while I have heard arguments for and against this decision from a number of colleagues, I for one will be sad to see it go. Lots of people in work (and elsewhere) have asked me why and, at first, I couldn’t really put my finger on it. On reflection I can s … Read More

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And I thought –

I’d seen some brilliant Primary ICT facilities.

At the recent Naace Parental Engagement Thinktank I met Ophelia Vanderpuye from Oakington Manor Primary School. Ophelia explained the technology and the system management in her school – then invited me to visit her. Nothing was going to stop me.

In one day I had the chance to review technologies, ideas and look at different approaches for technical support. Result!

Have you got one of these in your playground?

wembley from station 

They have – look!

wembley from playground

The flue on the school building is not often shown on general shots of Wembley!

But look what else they have –

school suite

This suite is truly amazing – spacious working space for the children at each unit, these all in one PCs only use 35w, the room has natural air circulation – and how about this for a screen…


Even with the pretty wide lens on my camera, I still couldn’t get it all.

It’s not an interactive whiteboard – you’d need to be a very flexible 11 footer to use it. But it is 3D.

Ophelia – this is her at Mission Control.

shes in charge

…gave me a pair of those funny glasses and blew my mind with a 3D human heart class!

To give justice to the impact of 3D in a blog post is a total non-starter.

What was equally valuable was the time that the school’s network staff spent with me, explaining the way they work and the facilities they have developed in this amazing school. Andrew and Gadi outlined the technologies in use across the school and in the suite. Very, very impressive!

As the use of (and dependence on) technology grows and grows within schools, it is clear that our business model and the way we work with schools must develop.

How do primary schools want ICT service companies (like ours) to develop with them?