Future of Technology in Education 2010

A Report from the Ministry of Truth*


The Future of Technology in Education meeting gave some great insights and ideas into – well – the future of technology in Education! (Some of the sessions were quite heavily focussed to Higher Education and didn’t appear to fit too well with primary schools, so this is a summary of a summary).

For some time I’ve felt that the lines between IT in the commercial sector, voluntary sector and education are blurring. The speakers today confirmed this – and also added the home sector in the mix.

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That’s Right – Children Want to Programme

They certainly want to make games.

kodu start screen microsoft labs
Kodu Welcome

Matt Maclaurin ran a fantastic workshop on Kodu at CAS10 on Friday. Whilst I watched what he was showing – I couldn’t help thinking –

Is this the answer to the teachers who say – "After MyWorld, what now?"

Some quick notes from Matt – Kodu is a completely new language and is free to download from http://fuse.microsoft.com/kodu

The design philosophy behind it is that it can be teachable by anyone – it’s very creative and visual. Usage so far suggests it’s a great tool for storytelling, and looks like it could be great for literacy.

Kodu example text

My experience of it so far is that it looks a bit sensitive to the PC spec. / graphics card and RAM and you may need to tweak the settings to get the best out of your PC.

But – wow!

Google and Microsoft share the stage

Google and Microsoft at CAS
I was lucky enough to be along at the Computing at Schools Teacher Forum at Birmingham University on Friday.

Amongst the fantastic workshops and presentations, Andrew Herbert from Microsoft Research and Peter Dickman from Google were superb and ran a great Q and A session.

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 They were followed by a very jet lagged Matthew MacLaurin from Microsoft Research who not only showed us Kodu in the main hall, he also ran 3 brilliant workshops (then presumably went for a well needed lie down somewhere).
Kodu is amazing and I’ll be covering it soon on my blog.