Wildlife Photographer of the Year

Natural History Museum visits Leicestershire

Snibston Discovery Park near Coalville is always a great place to visit – especially until the end of October 2010. They are hosting a fabulous photographic exhibition from the Natural History Museum.

The stunning displays of wildlife photographs from around the world are truly amazing – these pictures just can’t do the display justice – but they may give a quick taste.

snibston pictures1

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John Wycliffe, his Bible and his church

This 800-year-old church stands in the centre of the town of Lutterworth, St Mary’s is on the site of a Saxon place of Christian worship.

St Marys Lutterworth - Wycliffe Bible

This church is home to some incredible history. John Wycliffe was the rector between 1374 and 1384, and it is believed that it was during this time that he was most involved with the first complete translation of the Bible into English. This original Bible is no longer around – it would now be over 600 years old! – but a “Modern” version, presented to the Church in 1876, is on show as a memorial to John Wycliffe.

Wycliffe Bible modern copy

Wycliffe Bible in case

There are many other artefacts around the church related to John Wycliffe. These include:


memorial showing Wycliffe preaching in Lutterworth

The Wycliffe Memorial – a monument depicting Wycliffe preaching to villagers despite the objection of church seniors, above an inscription about his life.

John Wycliffe pulpit, St marys Lutterworth

Wycliffe’s Pulpit – the furnishing most likely to have been used by John Wycliffe himself. Although nobody can be sure of its age, it is clear that some parts of this pulpit are much older than others.

Font St Marys Lutterworth

The font – this font is definitely ancient, but nobody can be sure of whether or not it was standing during Wycliffe’s time at the church.

all photos (C) www.sarahmcsharry.co.uk

The Hallaton Hoard

Many thanks to Leicestershire Museums and the staff at Harborough for the following information.

In 2000, Ken Wallace of the Hallaton Field Group discovered a collection of Roman pottery in a field just outside the village of Hallaton. The site was excavated with the help of the University of Leicester Archaeological Services, and the discoveries made were astounding.

The Roman finds

333 Roman coins (including the oldest ever excavated in Britain), an ornately decorated cavalry parade helmet,some glass eyes and a few brooches.

Oldest Roman Coin in Britain

This is the oldest Roman coin ever excavated in Britain – believed to date to 211 BC.


Roman Parade Helmet

This is the cheekpiece of the parade helmet. It shows an emperor on horseback with a winged goddess of Victory on his shoulder holding a laurel wreath over his head. Beneath the horse’s hooves a barbarian is crouching. It would have been a very high status item, worn by a cavalry officer (so therefore potentially not a Roman), silver gilt and all highly decorated.


The other finds include more than 5000 silver and gold Iron Age coins, pictured below. All of these items are available to view at the Harborough Museum.

Iron Age coins from Hallaton

All photographs © Leicestershire Museums

In Leicestershire Parishes this week ..

Things you see when you’re walking

A group of us are walking the Leicestershire Round – bit by bit – and there are some very strange things to see.

How about this odd tree? Does anyone know what sort it is?

Look carefully on the left hand side of the first picture – 2 seperate branches have grown together –

odd tree odd tree bigger picture

And this? (Funny – I thought the lottery was quite a new thing).

lottery piccie

This was in a field near West Langton, fairly close to Market Harborough.

What’s it all about?

Thanks to Leicestershire Museums for this link http://ow.ly/1qImk0 – the post commemorates Lottery – one of the first winners of the Grand National!

Slightly wonky picture is due to slightly wonky photographer – me!

Local Owls – fabulous new born pictures

A Great Local Resource

I’ve noticed in a few schools this week that Owls are currently being sketched, drawn, written about etc.

From Leicestershire Museums.

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Generating Full User Report in SUMS

If you must!

SUMS is the user management / admin tool for schools in the EMBC region. https://sums.embc.uk.com/SUMS

The system has recently been re-done and works a lot faster than it used to.

It still has one bl**dy annoyance – when it’s doing anything – like processing a request – it shows a blank screen rather than a scrolling something interesting.

Log in to SUMS to start with – you’ll need a user name with full admin rights for your school account.

Look down the left hand side – you’ll see this

EMBC SUMS reports

Select Reports

On the right hand window – scroll down until you see

EMBC SUMS reports

This will give a vast amount of information about the users in your school. A VAST amount!

If you have a long list, SUMS seems to land in an odd spot, so scroll back up until you see

EMBC SUMS reports

If you download a report you’ll be prompted with this –

EMBC SUMS reports

It will then show you your user name and prompt you for your password again.

Obviously, there are no further screen grabs for this post!

The Cable Guy

We’re currently working on our own marketing and our website to add more video referrals. So, we had to practice.

That’s an interesting question. How do you practice putting a video testimonial together?  Simple answer is another question. Who would we – without hesitation – give a recommendation to?

So – if you’re looking for network cabling, fibre or phones in the East Midlands here’s an unashamed plug for the cable guy we work with. (Please give the video a few moments to start streaming)

Which is best – Google Maps or BING?

Or sit on the fence and use both? 

Here’s the scenario –  You’ve persuaded your daughter that yes – she can run a half marathon, and yes she can run the Rainbows Hospice Equinox* run in 7 weeks from now. You’ve even gone out for a 10.5 mile local run with her on a Sunday morning. 

So, how do you answer the question ‘How does that run compare with the actual run?’ That should be quite easy until you see the route notes supplied include descriptions like the following 

We’ll turn left out of the farm drive… up the dirt track and over Gravel Hill… might spot a trig point… turn left down a narrow lane… 

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Oldest Roman Coin in Britain – in Hallaton?

A wonderful story today on the Leicestershire Museums Blog

Oldest Roman Coin in Britain?


What is believed to be the oldest Roman coin ever found in Britain makes its museum debut, 2220 years after it was made. The silver denarius coin is now on display at Harborough Museum, Market Harborough alongside other coins that were excavated with it. It is 4 years older than the coin previously thought to be the oldest surviving example.

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School Resource from Leicestershire Museums

I think it’s free – no price is mentioned on their blog – one can hope.

The ‘Held in the Hand’ box looks like a lot of fun, and the museum service have a very positive quote back from the first school to use it.

The objects include some unusual items such as a tooth fairy calculator, an alien seed pod, a suit of armour for a small bird and a beach comb. Other sculptures are untitled leaving their interpretation open to whoever handles them.
Held in the Hand Box

Michelle at the museum service sent me this ..

There is a small charge for borrowing the artworks, see: http://www.leics.gov.uk/artworks.htm for full details of costs and insurance.

But the small charge is definitely worth it!