Generating Full User Report in SUMS

If you must!

SUMS is the user management / admin tool for schools in the EMBC region.

The system has recently been re-done and works a lot faster than it used to.

It still has one bl**dy annoyance – when it’s doing anything – like processing a request – it shows a blank screen rather than a scrolling something interesting.

Log in to SUMS to start with – you’ll need a user name with full admin rights for your school account.

Look down the left hand side – you’ll see this

EMBC SUMS reports

Select Reports

On the right hand window – scroll down until you see

EMBC SUMS reports

This will give a vast amount of information about the users in your school. A VAST amount!

If you have a long list, SUMS seems to land in an odd spot, so scroll back up until you see

EMBC SUMS reports

If you download a report you’ll be prompted with this –

EMBC SUMS reports

It will then show you your user name and prompt you for your password again.

Obviously, there are no further screen grabs for this post!


Which is best – Google Maps or BING?

Or sit on the fence and use both? 

Here’s the scenario –  You’ve persuaded your daughter that yes – she can run a half marathon, and yes she can run the Rainbows Hospice Equinox* run in 7 weeks from now. You’ve even gone out for a 10.5 mile local run with her on a Sunday morning. 

So, how do you answer the question ‘How does that run compare with the actual run?’ That should be quite easy until you see the route notes supplied include descriptions like the following 

We’ll turn left out of the farm drive… up the dirt track and over Gravel Hill… might spot a trig point… turn left down a narrow lane… 

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