Ofcom Bulletin – Another view of what’s happening

Issue 36 of the Media Literacy e-bulletin now available


The current bulletin has some great information and can be downloaded from Ofcom’s site here.

The sign off on the introductory page ‘Enjoy the last of the summer’ suggests they may have been preparing this for some time 🙂

Links to all the below items are in the bulletin itself.

‘Social Media Surgeries supporting the Big Society’ – looks particularly interesting, as I’m a trustee for a social enterprise. I’ve been advocating that voluntary sector organisations should really get on board with social networking. Interestingly, American business author, Jim Collins, regards some of the approaches needed in education to be similar to those needed in voluntary sectors.

Media Literacy Conference 2010 is appealing, but not free 😦 There looks like there’ll be some great speakers and very useful breakout sessions.

ActionFraud has a wake up call. In June this year they found that of all the reports they took where a fraud had actually taken place, 37% occurred online.

Do you want your share of £9,000 worth of kit? The BT Internet Ranger Schools Award will be made to a school or a group of schools who encourage young people, up to the age of 16, to use their ICT skills to help other people learn about computers and go online.

The Ofcom Communications Market Report includes these snippets – .. the over 55s are the fastest growing age group to adopt technology… 16-24s are the most efficient users of communications services as they squeeze 9.5 hours of media consumption into just over 6.5 hours actual time (we used to go to t’pub) ..

Other notes –
There’s a document on a major research into young people, the internet and credibility.
ClickCeop for Facebook has now been downloaded 55,000 times.
Details of various related seminars and meetings are also included.

Links to all the items are in the bulletin itself – available here


Internet Safety Update

The DCSF Web Site still exists?

The May Ofcom Media Bulletin has some very useful references and information.

A useful link in the bulletin is a report commissioned by the DCSF (remember them?) on Internet Safety.

A few items in the report worth noting include

Children spend more time online than their parents think

a quarter of 8–11 year olds regularly use social networking sites
Around one in ten 7–16 year olds use their mobile phone to access the internet


Children Don’t Use Facebook – do they?

On today’s Safetynet Review, Ruth Hammond at BECTA flagged up this fact ..

A quarter of children aged 8-12 who use the internet at home say they have a profile on Facebook, Bebo or MySpace, new Ofcom research revealed today. These sites have a minimum user age of 13.

The OfCOM study contains a wealth of information for parents and teachers.

New OfCOM Media Literacy Bulletin

The latest publication from OfCOM covers a huge range of stuff, and is (surprisingly?) readable! Can’t say that for ALL government departments.

Areas covered include

an online version of EastEnders (count me out of that one)
CEOPS resources
Online Basics Website (looks good for parental links)
Games Based Learning

The Bulletin can be found on their web site or here mlb_issue29