Life on one of the world’s most remote islands

A wonderful article on the BBC News website today – about life on St Helena. Where?

The British government has postponed plans to build an airport on the tiny South Atlantic island of St Helena. So what is it like living on one of the most remote settlements on the planet?

Life in the slow lane?

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Identity and Diversity – Community Cohesion

This site may be a very valuable resource for PSHE Who do we think we are

The site has been set up by (amongst others) – the Association for Citizenship Teaching, Citizenship Foundation, Historical Association and the Royal Geographical Society – and is funded by the DCSF.

Here’s what they say about the site ..
Teachers have accepted for a long time that students should learn about the negative effects of racism on people’s lives. Indeed, schools are required by the Race Relations (Amendment) Act 2000 to promote positive race relations. More recently, schools were given a new duty to promote community cohesion (inserted into the Education Act, 2002 by the Education and Inspections Act, 2006).
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