Becta Self Review Framework (SRF) Revision

Simplified – but not simple.

To achieve the ICT mark shouldn’t be a simple exercise, and the work Becta has done looks to have removed a lot of the anomalies from the process.

The previous version of the ICT sometimes felt like one of those psychometric interview tests where you are asked the same question in a few different ways – these ‘nearly repetitions’ look like they’ve been removed.

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Get The Bigger Picture Survey

The BECTA ICT Mark can seem a very daunting task from ‘ground zero’. The Mark itself can seem like a distant dream and ‘oh, that’s another one of those good ideas from the SMT’.

BECTA have been providing tools and pathways to help take the journey in smaller steps. lets you take a snapshot view of your school. You don’t need to register, the data doesn’t look it’s saved away for a future use, and it really can help to focus school groups.