Choice in Education

Review of Economist Article June 26th 2010

In a short article The Economist has picked out a number of surveys and comments to provide an overview to government thinking on free schools.
Starting by commenting that Estelle Morris had noted that education has been shaped more by political expediency than by evidence of what actually works they then pick up on the Swedish model which is being regularly touted.
Michael Gove’s aim is stated as raising standards in state schools by allowing competition to flourish.

According to the article, of the 700 groups .. many of those wanting to establish new schools are ambitious teachers working in poor areas. Looking on the website of the New Schools Network that information isn’t obvious. Does their address look familiar? Here’s the list from the Department for Education

There is a balance in their article where they quote some research by Rebecca Allen at the Institute of Education – I think this is her article.

What do you  think?


Snow? THIS is snow

So, once again a few inches of snow falling in 4 or 5 hours has finished us off. This picture, taken by Sarah in Sweden this morning, shows what a couple of hours of snow looks like ..

It snow joke