All’s Fair ..

Social Media and Levelling

Since reading Chris Brogan’s excellent book ‘Trust Agents’ we have completely changed the way we work and connect with head teachers, IT coordinators and technical specialists.

Twitter has been an eye-opener for me, and I ‘join the conversation’ with a few hundred people. That’s a few hundred, not a few hundred thousand.

A few items from Chris’s book keep coming back to me.

Don’t be ‘that guy’ – doing the equivalent of throwing business cards at everyone in sight.
Social media is a ‘reputation engine’ – if you sink there, you’ve got a lot of hard work to swim again.
Once you put something on the internet – assume it’s there forever.

I’ll add – plagiarise at your peril.

In a conference recently an Australian company used a set of slides which had been pulled from the internet – and stuck their logos on the slides. A delegate took a quick picture on his mobile and tweeted it back to the original author.

After a twitter storm the actual author made a new blogpost, and a company’s reputation takes a hit


This caused a reaction from a lot of teachers and educators I talk with on Twitter. Should such a group continue to be so welcoming to commercial folks within their conversations?

The discussions started to get a bit heated, which seemed to take an extra turn when one of the group found a totally unacceptable e-book on Amazon. I have an Amazon affiliate link, and I could put the link to Chris’s book in this blog post. Probably not a good idea today Sad smile.

Now, how do commercial organisations join the conversation with educators? Your comments are welcome.


WordPress and Free Software

The Bonus Bit

Following our session yesterday, I was reminded of a facility with some other blogging features which allows ‘Blogging by email’. supports that.

This blog post is an example.

This page shows you how to do it

WordPress and Free Software Session

Part 1 – The WordPress Bit

We had a great session today looking through some features from and free utilities and ideas from Google and from Microsoft. To round off a very useful session we got a dormant twitter user up and running 🙂

Here are the links and notes from the session. (Some of these are elsewhere on my blog, and some go out to other web sites).

Blogging in school?

Make sure you check this box – someone needs to be in charge of comments. On the dashboard, select settings, discussions and tick this box-


Want your blog to look like a web site?

For your blog to have a ‘static’ front page, and still be able to your blog posts, make a new PAGE called Posts then select this option in dashboard –> settings –>reading


I don’t want search engines to find my blog

Dashboard –> settings-> privacy


Use the second option and simply give your blog address to people. if you use the third option remember that you’ll have to define the users to WordPress (may take a bit of effort).

How do I get that Tweet button on the blog post

The new sharing option appears to have replaced this (in the time between showing it today and writing this blog!).


In the dashboard below the settings menu there’s a whole tab called sharing. Please could someone look a this post and tweet it!

Is this the ultimate search?

Once again Richard Byrne has hit the spot!

On his post today he introduced mashpedia.

My pack has just arrived for the Lake Vyrwny Half Marathon in September – so I mashpedia’d Vyrwny. The results are here –

If you mashpedia anything – just keep scrolling down.