Is this the ultimate search?

Once again Richard Byrne has hit the spot!

On his post today he introduced mashpedia.

My pack has just arrived for the Lake Vyrwny Half Marathon in September – so I mashpedia’d Vyrwny. The results are here –

If you mashpedia anything – just keep scrolling down.


Wiki Mind Maps from Richard Byrne

On his blog yet again Richard Byrne hits the spot. If you are interested in using ICT in school and don’t see his resources, you really are missing out. (I know how few people actually click through stuff, so I’ll showcase some of his finding and hopefully add some extra useful detail).       

He introduces Wiki Mind Maps which are simply awe inspiring. this tool lets you search wiki and give the result as a mind map. A few ideas and instructions may help.       

Firstly – make sure you select the correct ‘slant’ on Wikipedia – it defaults to Canada.       

Select YOUR version

Let’s see what Roman Roads gives us –       

A great starting point

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